iGlCropped logo on wallass is a world leader in the development and full scale manufacture of switchable glass technology. Switchable glass may also be known as privacy glass, switch glass or smart glass.

The iGlass business was founded in 2001. Since then, iGlass has invested significantly in developing a vertically integrated manufacturing system which produces the final switchable glass product. This vertical integration has enabled iGlass to supply a high quality switchable glass product at the lowest price to the domestic market.

Since film manufacturing began, iGlass has expanded its market globally by licensing its brand and technology. iGlass is a registered trademark of iGlass Pty Ltd and currently has ten international licensees and forty other non-licensee distributors.

iGlass is strongly committed to developing a robust film product capable of withstanding industrial applications in the automotive, locomotive, and aerospace industries, and for use in architectural external windows.