New Product – SPD

2010-09-28 22.15.50

Imagine a very dark tinted window for decreased light transmission and heat absorption.

Then…. imagine if you could vary the tint.

iGlass is very excited to be releasing a variable transmission glass product in mid 2014. Similar to a dimmer switch on a light bulb, this product will switch from a clear (>50% VLT) state to a dark (<1% VLT) state, effectively blocking out external light sources. This glass will be particularly applicable for external windows, avoiding the need for curtains, blinds or interstitial blinds.

iGlass has recently commissioned our new manufacturing platform to manufacture SPD based material, under license from Research Frontiers Incorporated (RFI). This product is designed for external facades and windows where the solar heat gain transfer will be dynamic, compared with current static windows and facades. This means the building will be able to regulate its own environment by controlling the amount of daylight entering, similar to how skin acts on the human body. According to RFI, the regulation of light entering through an external window can significantly regulate ambient temperature internally, and potentially save 20% on heating costs, and HVAC use.

More information to come, so please see this page for more updates and launch dates.