Switchable Glass Technology


iGlass switchable glass is a sheet glass product that can switch from clear to opaque at the touch of a switch. It works by introducing an electrical charge to a PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film embedded between two sheets of standard glass. When the glass is OFF (opaque), the molecules are in their original irregular position which blocks the flow of light. When the glass is ON (clear) and an electrical current is applied, it aligns molecules in the film parallel to each other which allows light to flow through. This is switchable glass technology.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

The PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) is made as a thin film in a class 1 000 cleanroom at our Mt Helen site. This advanced platform enables the manufacturing of the film in a roll to roll format with great precision but with minimal labour.

At our Delacombe site, the film is cut to the required size and electrical contacts (called bus bars) are applied. The film is then laminated with two or more sheets of glass, and becomes one single laminated glass product which is opaque white in colour. When electricity is applied, the glass becomes transparent. With appropriate design and switching modalities, this can become an instantaneous blind or curtain. In the opaque state, the glass cannot be seen through unless an object is at, or close to, the glass surface.

iGlass is 100% Australian owned. Our vertical integration in manufacturing allows for consistent high quality, a streamlined process, fast delivery and low cost.

Proprietary Systems

iGlass has developed proprietary sliding door systems which are successfully operating in a number of settings. iGlass delivered the world’s first powered track system for sliding doors, and the world’s first switchable glass operable wall system.

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