iGlass™ Products


iGlass switchable glass products give you the ability to change a space in your home in milliseconds. iGlass can give you daylight or privacy with the flick of a switch.  iGlass removes the need for blinds and curtains which means no opening and closing, no maintenance.


iGlass switchable glass technology reduces the need for heating and cooling and artificial light. iGlass is 100% Australian owned and manufactured. iGlass is manufactured using a smart and sustainable advanced manufacturing platform. All iGlass switchable glass comes with a 5 year warranty.


iGlass uses cutting edge switchable glass technology. It allows you to change spaces and makes your home more adaptable and flexible. iGlass can be double glazed, used in sliding doors, adapted to your specific design requirements. In small spaces, iGlass gives the perception of increased size and allows the control of natural light entering spaces.